2018 Marriage Conference: God's Design for A Thriving Marriage
From Fri, Jan 26th at 7pm to Sat, Jan 27th at 2pm
Refuge Church of Atascadero 6955 Portola Atascadero, CA 93422

Marriage is potentially an ongoing source of many blessings. However, the reality is that marriage can be hard, very hard. Far too many people struggle, and even fail, when it comes to their marriage. So what, exactly, makes the difference between those who overcome and are blessed, and those who fall short in reaping peace and joy? So much hinges on this one thing: how well we know and live according to God's design for marriage. Not only did God create us, He created marriage. Furthermore, our Creator divinely designed marriage to function in specific ways. And, just like with anything else that is designed to function in certain ways, our marriage will malfunction--and we will struggle and suffer--when we do not live according to the right design. Come join us as we gain a deeper understanding of God’s ways of loving and living out His perfect design for marriage.